Adam:  A story of Life and Death…and Love

Adam Routhier was an adorable, loving, and kind little boy with a smile that could melt even New Hampshire granite. In many ways, he only got better with age. He was a handsome young man. He was also a good athlete and was smarter than he usually showed. Adam was one of the most charming, sensitive, funny students I ever had. He was also one of the most highly unmotivated students I ever had. He died in September of 2004, a scant few months after his high school graduation. Those who knew him best knew he had a streak of superiority, of invincibility. There were times he aggravated us, provoked us, vexed us, even infuriated us. There were also times he dazzled us, amazed us, and inspired us. But always he loved us—–and we loved him. And, God help us, well over a decade later, we still miss him.


Adam: A Story of Life and Death…and Love

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